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Fondation Marc-Aurèle Fortin


The Marc-Aurèle Fortin Foundation was established in June 1974 through the initiative of René Buisson, a businessman, who acted, until September 2002, as the Director of the Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin established by the Foundation in 1984. The Honourable Jean Lapointe, performer and senator, Gabriel Lapointe, lawyer, and Jacqueline Sabourin, designer, accompanied Mr. Buisson in this vast undertaking.

The promotion of Fortin’s work has always been the primary mission of the Foundation. To this end, we constantly strive to identify the works of the artist in anticipation of the completion of a catalogue. The Foundation is dedicated to boosting the national and international recognition of Fortin in order to promote one of the most wonderful landscape artist of our time and ensure his rightful place among our great contemporary artists.

The Marc-Aurèle Fortin Foundation continues to pursue its objectives and has recently joined efforts with the direction of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to maximize the exposure of Fortin’s work. The Foundation also ensures that Fortin’s copyrights are respected.

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